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International’s Women Day

On the occasion of #Womens_International_Day and everyday; Give yourself life in order to continue giving life to others… Psychology Spa team, wishes you a life full of Good mental and physical health. 

Expressing Emotions-Mother’s Day-Girls House Care

She sang, because her voice is the most beautiful thing she can give as a gift for her mom on Mothers Day. Mother’s day is also children’s day, as without them we wouldn’t be mothers. Today 21-3-2019 Psychology Spa lead by Psychologist and founder of Psychology Spa held a special activity for mothers Day and […]

Anger Management-Girls Care House

Anger is a natural¬†feeling towards a situation or person / people who make us feel threatened and frustrated. But it is very important to learn how to express it and deal with it in a positive way so that we do not hurt ourselves, others, and everything around us. This is what psychologist and founder […]

Stress Management-Mother’s of Children Fighting Cancer

Real heroes may also be children! Sometimes superheroes are found in the hearts of young children fighting a vicious battle like children dealing with cancer. Mothers also do not know how powerful they are except when being strong is the only choice for them to take care of their children!It is a great pride for […]

Combating Violence Against Women and Girls – Part 2

As a complement to yesterday’s Psychology Spa activity and its participation in the 16-day campaign against violence against Palestinian women held in Hebron by Action Aid, today, 6/12/2017, three discussion panels were done with three different groups of women who came from various areas and villages from Hebron. These discussions were led by psychologist and […]