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International’s Women Day

On the occasion of #Womens_International_Day and everyday; Give yourself life in order to continue giving life to others… Psychology Spa team, wishes you a life full of Good mental and physical health. 

Discussion panels with Psychology Spa and Ebdaa Center – حلقات نقاش سايكولوجي سبا

The atmosphere during the last discussion panels by Psychology Spa, and in cooperation with Ebdaa Centre in Dhiesheh Refugee Camp/ Bethlehem. آجواء حلقات النقاش الاخيرة التي عقدت بالتعاون بين سايكولوجي سبا و مركز ابداع، مخيم الدهيشة بيت لحم. في اخر الفيديو تم عمل تقييم من خلال المشاركات لحلقات النقاش. مشاهدة ممتعة، و بنحب نسمع ارائكم […]

Accepting Change – سر قبول التغيير

Have you ever imagined the vibe during discussion panels with Psychology Spa?!! Today, we would like to present to you parts of the latest discussion panel ” The Secret of accepting change”, lead by Psychologist Jumana Kaplanian. The discussion Panel took place in Jericho during a conference organized by Yes Children’s Association with the SOS […]